Where to buy matching sweatshirt and ribbing fabric?

There are several things that I'm looking for when I buy sweatshirt fabric:

  1. High quality, thick but at the same time not too heavy
  2. I want matching ribbing. And if possible a matching zipper.

Now, this second requirement is difficult to satisfy. It means that the fabric and zipper must be made by the same manufacturer, dyed with the same pigments/following the same color code. 


I'm gonna be straight to the point: I only know one website that will make your life very easy, it's dresowka.pl. One of my favourite eshops when it comes to buying knit fabric online. I say knit fabric coz they don't have a great choice when if comes to other types of fabric (for my taste). They offer several kinds of jersey/sweat/ribbing fabrics all in the exact same shade AND for many shades you also get the matching zippers!

Let me show you. So this is the green I used to make the Gaby sweatshirt I'm making in the video:

Note that they offer several kinds of sweatshirt fabric: one is looped, the other brushed, one is with elastan, the other without, with or without polyester... My favorite is brushed (the inside is fuzzy soft, it offers more volume than the looped sweatshirt with the same weight) and no elastan.

Other nice colors (but not all colors are available in all three materials):


If by any chance the shade you want was out of stock on Dresowka you can find the exact same products sold on another Polish website called Miekke. About the same price.

See You At Six

I love this fabric brand called See You At Six, it's a Belgian brand. They release fabric collections several times a year. A lot of knit fabric (French terry and ribbing mostly) in gorgeous shades. And I really mean it, beautiful beautiful delicate colors. And minimal, modern prints. But then it's three times the price of what you'll find on Dresowka soooo... only for patterns I love! (Like the Gaby sweatshirt amarite??). No matching zippers here though. 


Mind The Maker

Another brand similar to See You At Six is Mind The Maker, a Danish brand, with high quality fabrics and the same style of rich natural colors (if you compare the colors below with the ones above you'll see). I've never tried their fabric but the brushed sweatshirt is heavier than the two others (worth a try). More expensive than the two aforementioned shops/brands.

Missing the zipper to match your fabric?

What to do if you found your perfect fabric color but are missing the zipper?

  • Go to your local haberdashery with your fabric, in the zipper aile. Try and get the closest shade. Some really offer a big choice (and some don't, bummer). If you live in Paris, go to IEES, 8 Rue de l'Échiquier in the 10th arrondissement. They've got a big choice, don't know a better place for zippers in Paris.
  • Find a zipper online, and to minimize the risk of jarring combo, get one with metallic teeth. What about the color of the fabric holding the teeth? I'd say darker in any case. Other than that, I'm as good a picker as you are. 

Good luck!